We are a registered charity formed to support autistic women and girls and their families.

Autism in girls often goes unrecognised.

We want to put that right!

Welcome to Auti-Ms

Auti-Ms was founded by Sophie McInnes in 2019. Her story of mental health struggles and constant misdiagnosis struck a chord with many people. All of the Auti-Ms trustees have personal experience of autism – we are either autistic ourselves or have autistic daughters so we know how challenging getting a diagnosis can be. As a group, we decided that it was time for change… and Auti-Ms was born. 

For a very long-time autism has been a condition that has been believed to affect mainly boys. Recent research is showing that it actually affects girls too but presents in different ways. Many current practitioners are not trained in these recent developments and as a result many girls and ladies are going through life struggling with undiagnosed autism and the associated mental health issues that come along with a feeling of being different and socially isolated.

Our Mission

Helping to make a society where autistic girls are identified early, supported effectively through school and college, are welcomed into meaningful employment and maintain positive mental well-being.


By volunteering with us you could become a committee member and help us to deliver our services. Roles would include facilitating our support groups, social groups, updating social media, networking.

Join Us

Register with us, go on the mailing list and be one of the first for news of any events and updated information.

Our Aims are to:


To raise awareness of the traits of autism in ( mainly but not exclusively) women and girls so they may be identified and supported appropriately.

To support autistic women, girls and their families by providing social opportunities, skill development and advice/ guidance.

 To contribute to research and knowledge development in the field of autism.

Our Partners and Sponsors

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